Dirke na Slovaškem in vabilo


Na Slovaškem so po nekajletnem premoru začeli z obuditvijo kasaških tekmovanj.

Vabijo tudi Slovence, da se udeležijo tekmovanj pri njih.

Celotno besedilo:

I was member of Slovak Trotting comunity, racing journalist, spoker and also owner, amateur driver and trainer.

Now I try to make a restart of Slovak Trotting Sport, also with a few friends and sponsors...


We organize cooperating with Turf Direktorium Bratislava 7 races in this season, first two toke part in 21. May, now will be another meeting with two races again in Bratislava - Starý háj on sunday 19. Juni.


I would like to invite some Hungarian trainers, owners and drivers. Every race is OPEN also for horses from Slovenia.

On sunday 31. July there will be prestige Slovak Trotting Derby (2400 m, 4yo, 4000 eur), which was not organised untill 2009 - before this date very favourite in slovenian stables....- and also Danube Cup (1800 m, 3yo+, 2000 eur)


Now, we have really problem to reach normal number of starters on 19.6. - this is race known as IMRE ALKER MEMORIAL, for horses with prize money untill 12 000 eur.. I hope, you are able to help us to reach higher level of the Slovak Trotting races.


Closing of entries is on Thursday 9. Juni, startlist is closing on Tuesday 14. Juni.


Best regards Dr. Dalibor Skladan, harness.sk


also see:






http://web.zavodisko.sk/sk/kontakty.html (starting list makes Ms. Pfefferova or Mr. Jancovic)